5707 Emerson Ave North
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55430
Phone: 612 237-3841
Fax: 763 536-1044


The Recovery House



Additional Rules


There is zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use. You will be asked to leave the property immediately if there is any use. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.


_________   Other zero tolerance rules include violence or threats of violence, fighting, harassment, theft, and sex on the premises.


_________   Each resident is required to be financially self-supporting, pay their own rent, and purchase their own food.


_________   Residents are required to have legal employment, volunteer or are a student enrolled in an accredited academic trade school. Resident will have two weeks after move-in date.


_________   Each resident needs to do her fair share of chores around the house.


_________   Rent can increase or decrease at any time.


________    No credit checks will be done and no first and last month’s rent required, although a criminal and housing background check will be done.  If move-in date is the 1st of the month, the full rent will be due before or at move in.


_________  The Recovery House does not accept individuals who have been convicted of arson nor are registered sex offenders or an extensive criminal record.


_________  Rent includes utilities, furnishings and cable TV.



_________ No fraternization between housemates allowed, if you are caught, both parties will be asked to leave the property.


_________ All vehicles need up to date tabs, proof of insurance, valid driver’s license to park on the property, if resident does not have the above, they must park on the street.


_________  There are no electric or otherwise heaters allowed at all. 


_________  Personal Air conditioners – not allowed


_________ Rooms and personal property can be checked and rooms can be searched at any time. 



I have read, initialed and understand the above expectations of the house.  My failure to comply with this agreement may result in my being terminated from this program.



Resident Signature:  __________________________________    Date: _________________________


Resident Expectations